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Suebear Hebner, Doula in training

Greensboro, North Carolina

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Hi! My name is Suebear Hebner.

I am currently in training to be a DONA International Certified Doula. I can work with
Homebirths, Hospital births, and Birthing Centers. I live near Downtown Greensboro, just
5-10 minutes from Women's Hospital, Moses Cone Hospital, and Wesley Long Hospital.

While I am new as a doula, in 2007 I had a waterbirth at home for my son, with a midwife
and doula in attendance (in addition to my husband and my parents). I was one of the
first among my friends to have a child so I got a lot of questions and became known as a
go-to person for birth advice. This led me to believe that serving as a doula is the right
path for me to take with my life. I have a strong belief that Birth does NOT have to be
painful, and CAN be an amazing, and wonderful experience.

Why Is Having a Doula so Important?

Having a doula in attendance at your birth is a wonderful way to more fully enjoy and
experience the birth of your baby. When doulas are present, the rate of medical
interventions goes down as do the rates of emergency C-sections. Women who have had
doulas generally feel that they were better able to focus on the birth and know that their
birth plan was being looked out for.

Here are two links on why to hire a doula on the DONA International website:

What I do:

I provide physical and mental support for the mother and partner during labor and birth.
I act as an advocate for the couple and as an informational resource, whether in a hospital,
birth center, or home birth setting. I help with pain relief and repositioning of the mother
and help with guided breathing as needed. I give reassurance that things are going as
they should and help alleviate fears in the mother and/or partner.

Package Offered:

I am working toward my certification.
My fees are on a sliding scale based on travel and my current level of experience.

Contact info:

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