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Earthcare for Children cover

Earthcare for Children emphasizes the spiritual basis of environmental awareness and action in a series of lessons for use in the religious education of children from kindergarten through sixth grade. Over one hundred activities are included along with suggestions of quotations, Bible passages, stories, and songs to enhance each of the thirteen chapters.
Developed by members of Palo Alto Friends Meeting for use in Friends Meetings and Churches and Quaker Schools, the lessons are easily adaptable for use by other denominations that recognize a spiritual basis for environmental concerns. Many of the individual activities could also be modified for public school classrooms and outdoor education programs.
For more information on the curriculum process and contents, go to Earthcare for Children

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Dry All Night cover

Dry All Night

The Picture Book Technique that Stops Bedwetting

by Alison Mack
published by Little Brown and Co. in 1989
paperback -- list price $16.95
order Dry All Nightfor only $13.56 [20% off]
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Part 1 gives parents the information need to understand sleepwetting and help a child cope with this condition.
Part 2 gives school-age children two illustrated picture stories [one for girls, one for boys] they can read and use all by themselves.
For guidance in using this book with children and teens, see our Sleepwetting Forum page on Visualization or Positive Imaging Exercises.

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Kids Are Worth It cover

Kids Are Worth It

Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline

by Barbara Coloroso
paperback published by Avon Books, 1994
list price $12.00
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Barbara Coloroso presents a spectrum of discipline styles ranging from brickwall families [parents determine all rules and punishments -- or expectations and consequences] to jellyfish families [parents don't know how to provide consistant guidance -- or are unable to.] Between these lie backbone families whose principles and process help children develop a personal guide to right and wrong. By encouraging kids to make decisions, take responsibility for their actions, take reasonable risks, and learn from their mistakes, Barbara Coloroso's approach shows how parents can teach their children inner discipline.
Of all the parenting books we have carried in our stores, Kids Are Worth It is the most consistant with our values and practices as Quaker parents.

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Puzzlemaster cover

The Puzzlemaster Presents 200 Mind-Bending Challenges from NPR

by Will Shortz
published by Times Books, 1996
Paperback, list price $12.00
order The Puzzlemaster Presents
for only $9.60 [20% off] via this link to

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