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Visualization or Positive Imaging Exercises

One technique used to progress from waking up while or just after wetting to waking up dry is visualizing positive images of success. This is similar to the visualizations used to help combat some forms of cancer and the sports psychology of imaging used by individual performance athletes (divers, gymnasts, skiers, etc.) Using this process to end sleepwetting is explained in

Dry All Night cover

Part 1 gives parents the information need to understand sleepwetting and help a child cope with this condition. Alison Mack asks that people replace the negative word 'bedwetting' with the more neutral and accurate term 'sleepwetting' and encourages families to manage the existing sleepwetting with whatever version of padded waterproof pants the parents and children are most comfortable with until a child is ready to sleep dry. Even if you don't think your child is ready for this approach yet, do read through the whole parents' section now so you have an idea of what you are getting ready for and what NOT to do in the meantime.

Part 2 gives school-age children two illustrated picture stories [one for girls, one for boys] they can read and use all by themselves. Both stories are written at about a third grade reading level for use by kids from 2nd to 5th or 6th grades, but the visualization concept is not childish and can work for teens and adults. Your family may want to look at a library copy of Dry All Night first to see if you feel like trying it. If you do, you will probably want the child using it to have a personal copy so he or she can reread one or both stories almost every night as part of the process.

Both visualization and bladder exercises can also help improve daytime bladder control, if needed, particularly for school age kids. The visualizations suggested in Dry All Night will need to be adapted for daytime use, but personalizing them is an important part of nighttime use as well. For assistance in developing or adapting an imaging plan, contact us at Sleepwetting Support.


I am NOT a medical professional and do not offer advice that should be taken as medical or therapeutic in intent. Always consult a doctor for medical diagnoses and treatments. I have researched the area of teaching bladder control and managing bladder disabilities as part of volunteer work with incontinence support organizations and families of children with disabilities. I am a writer, actor, storyteller, children's bookseller, and parent of two young adults. I serve as list owner of the e-mail lists EnuresisKids [moderated] and EnuresisParents.
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