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Responsible Sleepwetting Management

Remember that for most children, sleepwetting results from the child not developing the physical maturity to sleep dry through the night and not learning to awaken before sleepwetting. Given the opportunity, most school-age children and teens can help manage and compensate for such delays while they work on learning the missing skills and developing the delayed abilities.

Responsible care and support starts with understanding that most of the main causes of sleepwetting are physical and developmental conditions, not things a person has much conscious control over. Other contributing factors can affect sleepwetting. Knowing this can help a family avoid blaming or shaming or punishing or publicly embarrassing a child - all things more likely to prolong sleepwetting than reduce it. It may not be easy for parents who have done these things to admit mistakes and make amends, but it is worth it. Children who sleepwet need to know that those nearest them can be trusted in matters of security and privacy.

Once a family has resolved any issues about accepting and understanding the existing sleepwetting, it can work out an agreement on management and responsibilities. This often includes sharing of any bed-making and laundry chores and trying some external bladder controls such as incontinence pants, diapers, bedpads, medications, etc. For more information on developing a management plan, contact us at Once such a plan is in place, it can be easier for a person who sleepwets to focus on using bladder exercises, mental exercises, biofeedback, or other appropriate techniques to develop true inner control.


I am NOT a medical professional and do not offer advice that should be taken as medical or therapeutic in intent. Always consult a doctor for medical diagnoses and treatments. I have researched the area of teaching bladder control and managing bladder disabilities as part of volunteer work with incontinence support organizations and families of children with disabilities. I am a writer, actor, storyteller, children's bookseller, and parent of two young adults. I serve as list owner of the e-mail lists EnuresisKids [moderated] and EnuresisParents.
Tom Farley

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