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Storytelling Workshops

With Storytellers: Tom and Sandy Farley

You Can Tell Stories [for 10 to 30 participants]
This workshop introduces beginning storytellers to a structured evaluative process for giving support and feedback while sharing stories in small groups. We then invite discussion of the uses and value of storytelling.
Student Workshop 1.5 hours, for grades 5 through 12.
Teacher Workshop 1.5 hours.
$250 for one workshop session.
$200 each for additional workshops at same site on same day.

Becoming a Storyteller [for 6 to 20 participants]
Our 18-hour workshop offers storytelling practice in a supportive atmosphere where participants help each other develop their telling and listening skills. Sessions focus on aspects of performance and source material development. The final session is performance for an invited audience. This could be done as an intensive weekend seminar or in sessions spread out over one to six weeks.

Story Theatre [for 8 to 20 participants]
This recreational arts project is appropriate for intergenerational groups or children third grade and up. We select one or two stories appropriate to the group and prospective audience. Participants learn the stories and help adapt and stage them in a story theatre ensemble format. This process takes about 15 hours of workshop time including culminating performances.

We can tailor our workshops to meet your needs. For examples, download our Custom Workshops flyer.

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